Damien's RobotEdit

  • Appearances: Snowboard Kids 2
  • Japanese Name: Black Robo ( ブラックロボ - BURAKKU ROBO )
    Damien Robot

    Damien Robot as seen challenging the Snowboard Kids to a final battle

  • Boss Stage: Ice Land
As a last resort, Damien climbs into this giant robot and challenges the Snowboard Kids to a final battle. The goal is to destroy the robot before it reaches the finish line, but this is no easy task. It will shoot both Bombs and Freeze Shots, and will drop debris on the course whenever hit. Ten hits are initially required to beat this boss, but three more are needed to truly finish the job
Jungle Dinosaur

The Jungle Dinosaur is seen encountering the Snowboard Kids



The battle with this giant orange reptile is merely a traditional race to the finish. However, the Dinosaur will frequently lay eggs in its path as obstacles.

Snowman Robot (DS)Edit

While looking almost completely different than its earlier incarnation, the boss battle is still the same in essence. Instead of direct attacks, it will drop a series of Walls behind it, and will also use Fog at higher difficulty levels.

Snowman RobotEdit

Snowman Robot

Snowman Robot as seen in Snowboard Kids 2

The Snowman Robot is an invention of Wendy Lane's that went haywire. The goal is to destroy it before it reaches the end of the course. The Snowman Robot impedes the player's progress by occasionally firing Snowman shots.

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