Name Brad Maltinie
Gender Male
Age 17
Debut SBK: Snowboard Kids
Top Speed Balanced
Cornering Good
Tricks Balanced

Brad Maltinie is a character in the Snowboard Kids series, making his only appearance in SBK: Snowboard Kids. He is voiced in Japan by Yū Urata and is claimed by many sources to be Linda Maltinie's brother.


SBK: Snowboard Kids :Edit

Hailing form the wealthy family of the Maltinies, Brad is an energetic young adult whom likes reading and playing baseball, and like his sister, Brad is rivals with Slash Kamei, following Slash's defeat to Brad in a previous tournament. He however, has a small crush on Nancy Neil, after being introduced to her via his parents. In hopes of winning her trust, and keeping Slash off his own back, Brad enters the tournament, and in the end, (somewhat) succeeds.


  • In the Japanese version of SBK: Snowboard Kids, Brad only is known by his first name, and the suriname "Maltinie" is absent. This may imply that Brad may not be Linda's brother, but rather an entirely separate character with an unknown (or barely known) family.
    • If the above statement is proven false, then Brad may also have a grudge on Nicole Couch, much like his sister.

Gallery Edit

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