For the penguin character in SBK: Snowboard Kids, see Max.

Name Coach
Gender Male (Unconformed)
Age Unknown
Debut Snowboard Kids 2
Top Speed Poor
Cornering Excellent
Tricks Excellent
  • Appearances: Snowboard Kids 2
  • Japanese Name: Snobow Teacher ( スノボせんせい - SUNOBO sensei )
  • Gender: Male?
  • Age: Unknown

Described as an arduous and hot-blooded teacher, Coach could be presumed to be the one who taught the Snowboard Kids how to ride the slopes. He is an intelligent penguin who communicates in squawks (which appear as random symbols in the game's instruction manual).

Snowboard Kids 2 Edit

Story-wise Coach plays a minimal role, only appearing in Training mode and the Trick Game's cutscene. Coach is unlocked for play in Battle Race mode after scoring at least 300 points in Trick Mode.

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