Name Damien
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Debut Snowboard Kids 2
Top Speed Good
Cornering Good
Tricks Poor
  • Appearances: Snowboard Kids 2
  • Japanese Name: Black Kid ( ブラックこぞう - BURAKKU kozō )
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown

Snowboard Kids 2Edit

Damien is a diligent and gutsy demon who comes to conquer Snow Town. When his entrance goes unnoticed by the Snowboard Kids, he forsakes his mission to get revenge for embarrassing him. Damien sneaks around and attempts to cause trouble for the gang during the course of the game; it is only near the end that challenges them in person. Also, it's implied that he develops a small crush on Nancy Neil.

Damien is unlocked in Battle Race mode after completing Story Mode.

Gallery Edit