Name Jam Kuehnemund
Gender Male
Age 10
Debut Snowboard Kids
Top Speed Fair
Cornering Good
Tricks Good

Jamjars "Jam" Kuehnemund (ジャム=クエネムンド JAMU KUENEMUNDO) is a character in the Snowboard Kids series. He is a Jamican-esque character who enjoys rap and follows the New York rap scene. In English versions, he is voiced by Lani Minella and Mike Murature. In Japanese versions, he is voiced by Jun'ichi Suwabe and Mayumi Yamaguchi.

Jam is smarter than he lets on, but still tends to get carried away when it comes to showing off. When it comes to snowboarding, he calls himself the "Master Trickster," despite the public belief that Nancy is better. For this reason, they share a friendly rivalry.

Jam's name appears to be a reference to Jan Kuehnemund, guitarist of the all-female rock band Vixen.


Snowboard KidsEdit

Special TricksEdit

Jam's Spinning Moon

(A) <- ->

The Jam Jam


The Strawberry Jam

(A) ^ D ^ D

The Blueberry Jam

(A) D ^ <-

The Boysenberry Jam

(A) D

Snowboard Kids PlusEdit

Snowboard Kids 2Edit

SBK: Snowboard KidsEdit

Name Jam Kuehnemund
Gender Male
Age 18
Debut SBK: Snowboard Kids
Top Speed Poor
Cornering Good
Tricks Good

Jam is a national rap battle champion who is in constant search of the latest trends for the purpose of bolstering his ego. No matter what he is doing at the time, he goes all out to impress others. In fact, his only reason for entering the tournament is to prove himself to be the coolest. Obviously, Jam thinks highly of himself, but does not care much for the other competitors.

Gallery Edit

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