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Kōichi Tōchika
Native Name

遠近 孝一




October 20, 1971


Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan




Voice actor

Kōichi Tōchika (遠近 孝一 Tōchika Kōichi?, born October 20, 1971 in Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan), is a Japanese voice actor. Tōchika provided the Japanese voices of Tommy Parsy in Snobow Kids, Snowboard Kids, Snobow Kids Plus, and Chō Snobow Kids, Mr. Dog in Snobow Kids, Snobow Kids Plus, and Chō Snobow Kids, Ruby Green in Snobow Kids Plus, and Coach in Chō Snobow Kids.

Snowboard Kids Works Edit

  • Snobow Kids (1997) – Tommy Parsy and Mr. Dog
  • Snowboard Kids (1998) – Tommy Parsy (as Kouichi Toochika)
  • Snobow Kids Plus (1999) - Tommy Parsy, Ruby Green, and Mr. Dog
  • Chō Snobow Kids (1999) - Tommy Parsy, Mr. Dog, and Coach

Trivia Edit

  • His blood type is B.
  • He was born in Osaka and raised in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • His voice is described as high baritone.

External Links Edit

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