SBK2 Linda'sCastle StageSelect
ENG Name Linda's Castle
Appearance Snowboard Kids 2
Length 1,532m
Difficulty 4
Prize 1st - 40,000G
Music Track 14 - "Linda's Castle"

Linda's castle is a hard course with a lot of cliffs which you must jump over. Watch out especially for the cliff right after you start the course and the one right before the goal line.

Opponents Edit

Story Edit

Happy Birthday! Edit

It's Linda's birthday. Nancy and Wendy both arrive with presents. Nancy is in shock when she sees Slash, Jam, Tommy, and Damien are pigging out. Jam and Slash both proceed to taunt Linda who breaks out her snowboard. As Linda is chasing down the two boys, she plows Damien over while Tommy is still eating. Then Nancy and Wendy approach Damien with Nancy confused by his presence.

In the end, Linda is devastated by the destruction left by the race. Slash and Jam laughs it off, and Linda starts chasing them down again, this time on foot. They pass Wendy and Nancy, and Tommy is seen munching on the cake. As Wendy and Nancy follows them, they see Damien squished under the cake, and Nancy wonders how he got there.

Gallery Edit

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