Name Ruby Green
Gender Male
Age 10
Debut Snowboard Kids Plus
Top Speed Great
Cornering Poor
Tricks Fair
  • Appearances: Snowboard Kids Plus
  • Japanese Name: Ruby Green ( ルビー=グリーン - RUBY GURĪN )
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 10

Ruby is a narcissistic muscular kid who refers to himself as a "Nice Guy." Much to his chagrin, his appearance makes people think that he's a chaperone when he's seen with the other kids. People don't normally pay much attention to his antics.

Snowboard Kids PlusEdit

  • English Voice: None
  • Japanese Voice: Kōichi Tōchika
  • Speed: 3
  • Corner: 1
  • Trick: 1½

While Ruby doesn't have much interest in snowboarding, he competes only to win the 100,000 Guara prize money for himself.

Special TricksEdit

Before attempting a Special Trick, make sure you hold the X button down until after you have entered the commands. "N" is the neutral position and "360°" means to rotate the joystick clockwise.

  • Ruby Spin: →・←・→
  • Ruby Blah Blah: ←・→・←・→
  • Ruby Bleh Bleh: ↑・→・↓・←