"I'm the Winner!" — Win quote in Snowboard Kids 2

Name Slash Kamei
Gender Male
Age 10
Debut Snowboard Kids
Top Speed Balanced
Cornering Balanced
Tricks Balanced

Slash Kamei ( スラッシュ=カメイ - SURASSHU KAMEI ) is the main central character in the Snowboard Kids series, appearing in every installment to date. Slash is given the most balanced stats of all the characters. In the original series, Slash is voiced by Lani Minella in the English versions and Chiaki Morita in the original Japanese versions. In SBK: Snowboard Kids, his Japanese voice actor is Yūko Satō.

Slash has been known to be a source of trouble for the townsfolk. He's extremely competitive, leading to him being constantly at odds with people like Linda. Slash also enjoys any ride with a lot of speed (such as minibikes in warmer climates), and considers himself to be the best snowboarder in town.


Snowboard KidsEdit


Slash's appearance in Snowboard Kids

In the original game, Slash becomes involved in the Maltinie Cup following an argument that his sworn rival Linda Maltinie had initially started. In order to prove he was faster then Linda, he joined the competition, stating that he would "break Linda's nose doing it." However, as shown in the intro to Plus, it is shown that he was not successful in defeating his rival.

Slash is introduced as a balanced character in the series, with two stars in each category.

Snowboard Kids PlusEdit

Snowboard Kids 2Edit


Slash's appearance in Snowboard Kids 2

SBK: Snowboard KidsEdit

Name Slash Kamei
Gender Male
Age 15
Debut SBK: Snowboard Kids
Top Speed Fair
Cornering Good
Tricks Good

In the 2005 revival to the series, Slash Kamei is given an entire overall alteration, and an added interest in sports, with skateboarding being his favorite sport. He still retains his classic counterpart's playful personality, playing tricks and being called a "brat" at times, but has had his past memories with his original friends wiped completely, as per every of the other SBK: Snowboard Kids characters.

To demonstrate his skateboarding skills, he had entered a snowboarding tournament. Here, using his athletic techniques, reaches the finals with ease, only to lose to his old rival's brother- Brad Maltinie. Determined to keep his will, he entered the next tournament Brad had challenged, hoping to get revenge.

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