Snowboard Kids 2 cover

Box Art for Snowboard Kids 2

Snowboard Kids 2, released in Japan as Chou Snobow Kids (Super Snowboard Kids) is a snowboarding video game, ironically the third game in the Snowboard Kids series (Snowboard Kids Plus, a Japan-only Playstation game, was released one month before the sequel). It was developed by Racdym and published by Atlus. This was the last title for the series until the release of SBK: Snowboard Kids six years later.


The mysterious youth Damien has invaded Snow Town, determined to make the lives of the Snowboard Kids miserable through trickery and sabotage. Between rampaging snowmen, the crazy experiments of new member Wendy Lane and other wacky adventures, the Snowboard Kids better be on their guard!

Trivia Edit

  • Every character, with the exception of Shinobin, returns from the original game. Additionally, Wendy Lane, Coach and Damien are introduced as new playable characters while Mr. Dog, an NPC from the original game, is now unlockable for play. The characters introduced in Snowboard Kids Plus however do not appear nor are referenced.
  • Each character in the game features a total of four usable outfits; Winter, Summer, Halloween and Space. These outfits are locked to specific courses in the game's story mode, while they are freely selectable in Battle mode.
  • Voice actress Lani Minella, the only voice actress credited for the original game, only voices Slash, Damien and Wendy in the localization of Snowboard Kids 2.


Snowboard Kids 2 was well received by gamers and critics alike, who stated the game was fun if stiff gameplay-wise. It is largely considered the best game in the series, an opinion further bolstered by its less-than-stellar sequel on the Nintendo DS.