StingerRocketIcon Stinger Rocket



Sutingā Roketto


SBK: Snowboard Kids

SBK: Snowboard Kids



Hits opponents with a rocket, blasting them into the air.

Effect Duration

1 second

Power Up State

Homing capabilities and speed of Shot are increased, effect duration is doubled

The Stinger Rocket (スティンガーロケット Sutingā Roketto?) is Tommy's unique Shot that appears in SBK: Snowboard Kids. It works similar to the Shot, Bomb, from the previous games.

When used, a rocket homes in on the nearest victim and blasts them high into the air. Anyone caught in the blast radius will be sent flying, including Tommy himself.

Tommy's Quotes Edit

SBK: Snowboard Kids Edit

Leveling Edit

  • LV 1: "Aw, poor guys."
  • LV 2: "I'm invincible!"
  • LV 3: "Max power!"

Shooting Edit

  • "Take this!"
  • "Stinger Rocket!"

Snowboard Kids Party Edit

  • LV 1: "You're history!" (「おまえはもう終わりだね!」 "Omae wa mō owari da ne!"?)
  • LV 2: "I'm invincible!" (「これで無敵ですよ!」 "Kore de muteki desu yo!"?)
  • LV 3: "Max power!" (「マックスパワー!」 "Makkusu pawā!"?)

Shooting Edit

  • "Take this!" (「喰らえゃぁ!」 "Kuraeyaa!"?)
  • "Stinger Rocket!" (「スティンガーロケット!」 "Sutingā Roketto!"?)

Gallery Edit

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