Name Wendy Lane
Gender Female
Age 10
Debut Snowboard Kids 2
Top Speed Poor
Cornering Great
Tricks Great

"Hi" — Wendy's Greeting

  • Appearances: Snowboard Kids 2
  • Japanese Name: Wendy Lane ( ウェンディ=レーン - WENDI RĒN )
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 10

A diminutive girl who moved to Snow Town from New York, Wendy is quite the whiz kid. She loves building new inventions, and her creations include the Rocket, Snowman Robot, and a functional UFO. Wendy's not the most outspoken, but she's affable and a little bit eccentric, even going as far as to construct a full course within her own house.

Snowboard Kids 2Edit

Wendy's stats are identical to Nancy's, having slow speed but exceptional control and trick skills.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied she and Jam have grown close in the short time since her move to Snow Town, where the two are sometimes seen together during the game's story mode.
  • Comics used for the game's manual show Wendy is deceptively pretty behind her large glasses, to the point of causing the rambunctious Slash to behave chivalrously after they're accidently knocked off.
  • Wendy is the shortest member of the Snowboard Kids group.